Board of Directors

Camp Blessing Board of Directors

Camp Blessing is entirely run by volunteers. This includes its Board of Directors. The Camp Blessing Board of Directors is made up of 7 people who are elected by the members of Camp Blessing to carry out the mission of Camp. Each board member serves for three years, and can opt to run for re-election when their term is done.  A minimum of two board members per year are up for re-election. The voting body is made up of the Members of Camp Blessing. For more information on becoming a Camp Blessing Member, please see our Membership page.

2018 Camp Blessing Board of Directors

David Karavas, Chairman & CA Coordinator

Lydia Carpenter, Secretary

Melissa Cannon, Treasurer & Intern Coordinator

Marcia Graveen, WI Coordinator & Directors’ Liason

Ron Rutkowski, Business Manager & Fundraising

Erin Maurell, Publicity & Outreach

Jeff Tritten, WI Building & Facilities Manager

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