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Why Are We Named Camp Blessing?
What Is Camp Blessing All About?
What Does Camp Cost?
Who May Attend?
Who Are The Staff?
Is There A Dress Code?
How Is Camp Funded?

Why are we named Camp Blessing?

Camp Blessing began in 1963, in an apple orchard near Saxton’s River, Vermont. Camp’s beginning was in response to a need for more fellowship, deeper spiritual understanding, and Christian development by young people. The founders began “an experiment in Christian living.” Eighteen young people were challenged to live a week of their lives secluded from the world, putting the Lord and others first. As the experiment progressed, one hymn was sung throughout the camp: “Make Me A Blessing” and inspired the name Camp Blessing. Camp Blessing owns a camp near Wausau, Wisconsin and offers a long weekend camp in Chico, California and other locations as announced for all ages. The goals of Camp have always been service to others and fellowship among Christians. We invite YOU to learn more about our experiment in Christian living. (Top)

What is Camp Blessing all about?

Camp Blessing is always Bible oriented. Campers participate in Bible study and worship, work crews, group and individual recreation, and of course fun!!! Leadership is encouraged in the cabins, work crews, and in worship. Often skits or songs are prepared in small groups and presented during the evening services. Whether it’s work, personal relationships, recreation, or worship – everyone finds a place to experience Christianity. Camp Blessing is a place where people make lasting friends. (Top)

What does Camp cost?

Camp Blessing is funded completely by donations. Camp is free to all teens and children under 18 years of age. (Top)

Who may attend camp?

All are welcome. Camp Blessing subscribes to the philosophy that “no person shall be denied the privelege of attending Camp Blessing because of race, color, national origin, age or handicap.” We are all one in Christ Jesus. (Top)

Where do the staff come from?

All personnel of Camp Blessing are volunteers. Directors, counselors, cooks, and maintenance workers donate their time and talents toward our program of camps and retreats each year. Much of the construction was done by volunteer labor. Excellent counselor to camper ratios ensure that everyone is included. Each Camp staff member goes through a screening process during which personal and historical information is collected. Most staff members are known personally by at least one member of Camp’s Board of Directors and many have worked at Camp for years. Camp Blessing complies with state health regulations and carries insurance on campers. A staff nurse is available at all times. Campers are asked to give a brief medical history. All medications are kept and dispensed by the nurse. Campers are supervised at all times. (Top)

Is There a Dress Code?

Yes, campers, parents and staff are asked to exercise discretion and modesty in the selection of clothing to be worn at camp.  Please do not bring the following to camp:  Shirts that show cleavage or the midriff, spaghetti strap shirts, “short” shorts (Stand with your arms by your side. Your shorts should be longer if your  palms are touching your skin.), bikinis or extremely tight or revealing clothing.  Boys should not have their pants sagging.  We do not want to see anyone’s undergarments.  We will ask campers who are inappropriately dressed, according to these guidelines, to change. We appreciate your sensitivity with this subject matter, as it is our goal to create the best camp environment possible.

How is Camp funded?

Camp Blessing is funded completely by donations and staffed by volunteers. Therefore, your participation is important. Donations can be made to any Camp Director or to our Treasurer (see below). Camp is a registered non-profit corporation according to IRS regulation 501(c)3, therefore all donations are fully tax-deductable. Camp is supported by a membership that extends all across the country and overseas. It is easy to become a voting member of Camp, but you must apply for membership. Just print this form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. You can sustain your membership from year to year my making a donation or serving at a week of Camp. If you would like more information about Camp, you can write us (address below).
For more information, or to make a donation, write:
Camp Blessing
c/o Melissa Cannon
1716 Thorntree Drive
Desoto, TX   75115

Or visit our Donate page.

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